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It is the goal of the Stockbridge-Munsee Health & Wellness Center Building & Safety Department to work as a team cohesively to ensure healthcare services are provided, in a safe, clean, maintained and functional environment for all patients, visitors and employees.

Sharps Disposal Drop Off Site

The Stockbridge-Munsee Health & Wellness Center is a drop off site for sharps waste such as used needles, and lancets. The Health Center is glad to assist with the safe handling and disposal of your sharps waste. It is important to your safety and others that before sharps waste is brought to the Health Center for disposal, that you know how it must be contained prior to, so we can accept it.

Before sharps waste is brought to the Health Center and before it can be accepted it must:

  • Be placed and stored in a rigid closed heavy duty detergent bottle. This bottle must not be compromised in anyway where it would expose the contents.
  • Containers must not be overfilled or be filled no more than 3/4 full.
  • Container must be labeled with words written on it "SHARPS" and "DO NOT RECYCLE".
  • Cover on the container must be intact and closed tightly.

The Health Center cannot accept containers that are not safe for storing used needles and syringes. These types of containers can be poked through easily and are not safe for storing this type of waste. Unsafe containers that cannot be accepted are as follows:


  • Paper Boxes
  • Plastic or Paper Bags
  • Glass or Plastic Jugs or Containers
  • Baskets
  • Milk Jugs and Juice Containers
  • Bleach or other cleaning solution bottles
  • Coffee cans or other cans
  • Container without its cover
  • Containers where duct tape is replacing a missing cover or damaged surface

When used sharps are brought to the Health Center where do I take them first?

Check in first with a registration clerk and let them know you are here to drop off sharps waste. Do not leave sharps waste with registration or give them to another clinic employee. Instead stay with your sharps waste and wait for the Registration Clerk to confirm they have contacted a Maintenance or Housekeeping staff to assist your further. You will then be directed to go back outside the main entrance to take your sharps waste to the shipping/receiving overhead doors at the west end of the building; where someone will meet you and receive your sharps waste.

Thank you so much for being conscious of the need to properly dispose of sued sharps in a safer manner. For questions regarding the safe handling of sharps waste please give the Safety Manager at the Stockbridge-Munsee Health & Wellness Center a call at (715) 793-4144 or send an email to

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