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General Information:

Radiology is the study of images of the human body. A Radiologist is a specialist in Radiology - a medical person who has taken training in the interpretation of medical images. This training usually takes 5 -6 years after completing Medical or Osteopathic School.

Radiology began with the use of X-Rays and large flat sheets of photographic films. Digitial Radiology (DR) is now in use at the SMHWC. An image plate is used to capture the image. It is then processed using laser and computer technology. Films are a thing of the past at our facility. The providers may view the images from any computer in the building. In the future patients will be able to view their images with their provider right in the patient exam rooms. The modern Radiologist now has a variety of tools for "taking pictures" of living patients. Many of these newer tools create an image with a computer (CT - computed tomography) and some do not use any X-Rays, or radiation of any kind - such as MRI and Ultrasound. 


A radiologic unit is available for routine examinations.  All examinations are done at the request of a SMHWC provider by a technologist licensed in the state of Wisconsin to perform radiology exams, radiographer. They are read by a certified radiologist offsite by accessing the exams via a secure internet address. Official radiology reports are received within one business day or less. 

Our Staff

Angelia Irving R.T. (R)(ARRT)

Radiology Director/Radiographer
(715) 793-5020

Vicki Dalve LXMO


(715) 793-5020